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Altar Cloths

Altar cloths come in 2 sizes.

The color combinations will be based on the 4-Directions (Medicine Wheel), Chakra Colors (Rainbow) and the Four Elements.
All come with a solid color backing usualy black.

Sizes will vary within the small and large.

Altar Cloths can have interfacing
makes them stiff.
Without interfacing the cloths are easy to roll up
and are great for travel.

Altar cloth colors will be as listed, although the pattern on each pannel may vary due to availability.
The center color will vary.

The Four Element panels will represent the elements within the fabric pattern with the center being white to represent Spirit.

Chakra / Rainbow Cloths will have a White Center.

Wooden Wands w/ Bag

Wands come in 3 sizes.

Available In:
Plain, Embelished (Wood Burned),
Stained & Painted Handles.

Small 10"

Plain $10
Stained $12
Embellished $18

Med 12"

Plain $12
Stained $15
Embellished $22

Large 18"

Plain $25
Stained $28
Painted $34
Embellished $40


Small Roughly 12" - 12 3/4"

Small 12" - 12 3/4" Medicine Wheel / Four Elements
W/O Interfacing: $15
Interfacing: $18

Small 12" - 12 3/4" Chakra / Rainbow
W/O Interfacing: $20
Interfacing: $24

Large are Rounghly 16" - "18

Large 16" - 18" Medicine Wheel / Four Elements
W/O Interfacing: $22
Interfacing: $26

Large 16" - 18" Chakra / Rainbow
W/O Interfacing: $28
Interfacing: $30


Medicine Wheel Colors

The Navajo tribe consider the colors blue, white, yellow, and black important as they represent four sacred mountains. The eastern mountains were white, the southern blue or turquoise, the western yellow, and the northern black. The rise and fall of these mountains caused the alternation of day and night. When the white mountains rose it was day, when the yellow ones rose it was twilight and the black mountains brought night, and the blue, dawn.

The Apache tribe consider the colors green, white, yellow and black to be important as they also represent four sacred mountains

The Iowa Nation consider the colors black, yellow, red and white to be important as they represent direction, their flag, and what they consider to be four races of man